How can I make a difference to Climate Change?

Actions we can take to reduce the speed that the climate is changing are similar to the actions we can take to reduce air pollution. This is because greenhouse gases and air pollutants often come from the same sources. These actions include:

Using Public Transport - using public transport, such as the train or bus, rather than our cars will reduce the amount of fuel that is burnt, therefore releasing less greenhouse gases

Walk or cycle to school - walking or cycling is even better than using public transport as it produces no greenhouse gases at all; not only that, but it is also good for your health!

Save Energy - switch off your electronic devices such as TV's and computers instead of leaving them on stand-by mode. Switching them off completely will save about 10% of the electricity that they use. Also remember to switch off the lights! Not only will it save electricity but money too! Using less electricity will mean we need to produce less electricity in our power stations so less greenhouse gases will be released in to the atmosphere

Use renewable energy - using 'renewable' energy reduces emissions of air pollutants and greenhouse gases. Renewable energy uses the earth’s natural resources to produce power. Sources of renewable energy include solar power, wind turbines and hydroelectricity

Recycling - recycling can help to reduce the need for virgin raw materials from the earth which happen through activities such as mining and deforestation or plastic or other material production

Reducing or recycling food waste – by reducing or recycling food waste the amount of waste that produce methane when decomposing in landfills can be minimised hence reducing the potential for climate change